PLACE is an award winning Vancouver architecture firm dedicated to shaping environments that celebrate and nurture the way people work, play and live in them. Collaborators by nature, we work side by side with our clients to develop ideas and dreams into new built places. We are convinced that the best projects come from a respectful sharing of talent and vision, drawing on the diverse perspectives of every member of the team.

Our expertise spans a wide range of project types from adventurous modern housing to public recreation, arts and cultural centers, neighborhood retail and urban spaces. Commercial projects, office buildings, and technical work such as healthcare and technology projects make up the balance of our work. The focus is always on weaving community, enhancing constructed and natural ecology with every project.

We have a deep interest in the urban realm, recognizing the critical relationships between interior and exterior; building, city, and region. Every new building creates new outdoor space. Those spaces are essential components of our built environment, and our built environment is, in turn, part of the ecology of the region in which it exists.

As we become increasingly aware of the impact that human activity has on our planet, PLACE has redoubled our efforts to immediately and definitively become a part of the solution. Nothing less than the survival of our way of life here depends on this commitment. We have ever more tools and choices available to us that allow us to make the built environment a positive force in the ecology of our world as well as in users’ day to day lives. PLACE is committed to advancing the cause of healthy community; integrating our work with the living systems of our urban and rural contexts, and respecting the impacts and connections between our built environment and the natural world.

A full-service firm, we have significant experience in the public and commercial sectors and have been privileged to work with private retailers, developers, user and community groups, businesses big and small, home owners and non-profits.

PLACE principal Heather Johnston Architect AIBC is a registered architect in Washington and British Columbia. PLACE is a Washington State certified WBE (Woman Owned Business Enterprise) and was listed as a Top 50 firm in the Pacific Northwest in 2006, 07, 08, and 2009.

PLACE architect ltd.